Dfab x Cutey Review

It’s a must for every girl to have a durable bag and pretty casual accessories which we can use at any occasion. Small bags are in with students today, especially college ones like me. We do not have lots of books to carry yet we still need a very durable bag to carry all our other kits right? And bags should be of our taste and style, how? By simply adding some pretty blings to prettify the bag. Putting on some accessories even a single necklace will instantly glam yourself up creating a finish touch to your look.

Have you bumped in these lovely online shop on Facebook or Multiply? J Have you heard of DFab Shop (Dona’s Bags and Accessories Shop) or Cutey? I bet you do! If not, then you should!

DFab Shop is a one stop shop where we could find a lot of pretty bags and accessories at reasonable prices. Bags and accessories comes in a variety of designs, colors and styles which will cater every girl’s bag desires. I am so lucky to be sponsored by DFab Shop. They sent me a very cute bag with bag accessories and a cute necklace through LBC. I love everything they sent especially the red bag! I’ve been really thinking of asking my mom to buy me a new bag but I didn’t have the courage to. Thanks to DFab Shop for sending me one of your adorable bags! I even used it right away after I received it and the bag really is durable. I know I haven’t really tested its durability for a long time but one can really see the quality based on how it’s sewed and made with its looks.

Isha Backpak also available in black and purple :)


I haven’t use the other bag accessory and the pretty necklace yet but I will soon. been busy with school stuffs lately and for sure, I’ll be busier in the next days. I’ll try to keep this blog updated as much as I can.

Moving on. A while ago, I saw a cute package on my bed when I got home from Shanice's birthday celebration. It was sent through Royal Mail and I was really not expecting any item to be delivered by this week. I eagerly open the package and I was surprised to see what's inside. Two lovely bracelets from Cutey :)

I know you've heard of Cutey before because they've been really generous in sponsoring a lot of bloggers lately and now, including me :) I got a Pink Shamballa Bracelet and an Oneiroi Charm Bracelet.

Cutey's Pink Shamballa Bracelet with 9 impeccable bead with 84 crystals each. Its screaming Emmerey all over! pink, very detailed and cute yet simple and elegant. Love this to bits!

 Oneiroi Charm Bracelet composed of different unique beads ; the start, heart and petals which reflects dreams. Vintage looking beads added with green ones calms the over all look of this cute bracelet :)

 Currently wearing this two lovely bracelets :) Thanks to Cutey!

I'm supposed to work on my assignments and stuffs but I could not really just help my self from posting this review coz I think I really need to let you know how amazing these shops are and that you need to really visit them and try their products out!

Visit DFab Shop and Cutey now! Till my next post! <3


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