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I'm trying to keep up what I said last time about posting my personal on goings rather than filling my blog with giveaways and other promotion stuffs. I haven't blogged things like this for quite some time and I feel so guilty coz its really true. I myself can see how this blog was transformed to a much more advertising/promotional blog rather than what it is meant to , personal blog.

To cope up, here's a summary of what had happened to me lately :)

Did I already told you about the chores schedule we did? Last semester,my cousin and I were the cooks almost everyday, breakfast to dinner because we had a much lighter schedule than my sister's and Miru's. But now, at last we decided to make this schedule. Now I won't have to worry anymore about what would I cook coz I'll be cooking less this time :) The photo at the right, is the one I got from Firmoo which I won from a giveaway. The glass is so cute, its a computer glass but when I used it, instead of relaxing my eyes when facing the computer, it aches my head. So I don't use it really. Can I still return it to Firmoo? coz I think it has a grade or something.  My vision slightly zooms in when I wear it.

Worked with my passport application last week. We even stayed at CDO Sunday night last week so we can get ahead of the line the next morning at the DFA and yeah, we were one of the first ones so we finished it right away around 9 am. Went to Limketkai right after and bought myself a shirt and goodies from Missy Bon Bon :)

During our 2 hours vacant time last Tuesday right after our Humanities class. We normally talk about random things during this time like about our Ojt next semester and other *echos* with other people but that day, I forgot how we came up with the idea but something just popped out and then we began pampering our friend Lady :) Photo on the left was a photo which was scripted as if we were craving to take a photo with a super star with her make up artist Vanessa :P and then a group photo taken by Paolo. JJ wasn't there, too bad: one missing 

Today's event was CFC's new members baptism ceremony. Some of the members didn't had their church wedding so CFC saved up to host the mini wedding and then the graduation of the new members. My mom and I together with my sister made a mini wedding cake. See that photo on the left side? hmm.. It's really hard to argue with my mom when it comes to stuffs like this. She's the boss -.- It's also my first time to really see the whole worship part. And yeah, I became part of our church's choir since summer 2012 until now so I was able to witness this event. We sang in the mass 8 AM then 1 PM till 7 PM (the whole CFC program) Tiring!! I could have attended the baptism of my classmate's baby but I had this event so I was made to choose which to attend -.- haaaay.

That's all for today :) Have a good night! Don't forget to pray <3


  1. I, too, am guilty of not posting random personal stuff din. :|:)

    1. you post outfit posts, so I think its personal din db.. :)

  2. OMG missy bonbon!! yummy!! i miss eating their yummy bread!! so hungry! :(

  3. looks like you are having fun!!! (:

  4. cuutee schedule and i like the eye glasses. :)

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