Cheers to St. Ferrer!

Good evening! :)  I spent my day today at their house and I bought layers of cake which they ordered. Gladly they like it :) It's actually their Barangay's fiesta in celebration to their patron saint, St. Vincent Ferrer. I say their fiesta celebration is a very marked date to a lot of people. An evidence to that is the traffic on their highways which cause the people to barely walk in or out of their barangay and not to mention the crowd on every houses. 

It was fun except for the fact that there were a lot of people that I do not know and it's kinda awkward especially when some of their relatives comes in and his mother introduces me to them, vice versa. Below are some photos (candid photos).

Another day at their residence :) and I met his sister again who just came home from Manila and I love the blouse she gave me! :D


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