Oedipus Rex : the making =)

Oh yeah! :) rainy evening! just got home! at last! no more classes! just one more thing... clearance :) 

Moving on... Remember the movie presentation of Oedipus Rex that I have mentioned? We're done and we already passed it on time :) It was not that easy organizing, planning, filming, editing and all but it was a fun and memorable experience. All of us worked hard together and no one acted as a burden to the group. 


I was Terasias in the drama. I was just supposedly the script writer but then my very good friend suggested me to be Terasias in the drama so I did it since I cannot do anything about it no matter how hard I disagree. Terasias was an old bind man but since we don't have any guy in our group and I cannot act as an old man, we made Terasias as an old lady =P Even the lead character Oedipus was acted by Maria Loysa (in the first picture).


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