Cake decorating =)

Hello there! :) the whole week has been quite busy with loads of assignments and things to plan thoroughly. Final examinations are over! yes! but a bunch of requirements are still on going. Not to mention the video presentation of Oedipus Rex for our English 4, the brochure for our Sales and the cake decorating finals for our baking class. Thank God the Choose Philippines video was finally over though the presentation day (LOL) will be this coming Tuesday. 

Anyways, last Sunday night we had a brown out at home but since I had to practice cake decorating techniques so I did it with candles around the table where I practiced. Didn't had any other option. The electricity resumed the next day at noon. I tried making royal icing and I think it is very suitable for making roses or any cake borders for it forms really well and it doesn't deform. The only con is that it is not most likely to be eaten because it uses powdered sugar which gives it the powdery texture.

We also had our practice during our class this week in preparation for our finals. We practiced making boiled icing and decorating cakes using it though we only used baking pans instead of cakes.

One week left and then HELLO SUMMER! :) can't wait! :) but I'm pretty sure I'll eventually easily get bored as hell at home in not less than two weeks :p who wouldn't?

Till my next post guys! :) have a safe week ahead! :D


  1. i also tried cake making and cake decorating though a long time ago.high school pa ako.hehe.but it was fun.:)

    1. really fun! with the icing messed up on the face, clothes, hands, hair etc :D LOL


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