It's been a week :))

Hi guyz! :)) It's been a week that I have not posted anything. How I wish I did and could but Internet connection has always been the problem. We lost connection in our house and I do not know when would it resume. This is just a quick post for some reasons. I just wanna thank you all for reading and following this stupid and nonsense blog. The last time I checked I had 20 followers and I was surprised to see that I gained 10 more :) I think two follows me privately but anyway Thank You!! :)) 

Lately, I've been really busy watching Secret circle. I'm not really a fan of American series although I was planning to watch Vampire Diaries since before but I haven't had the chance and it's pretty not interesting to watch from the start when in fact it has aired a lot and I'm way way late for it. I like this one (SC) about witches, hunters and the suspense it gives. Have you seen the movie A Lot Like Love? it's cute :)) so with Real Steel and In Time. I know I'm too updated about watching this movies but it's better than never.

So I'm just saying some Hello here. I'm in a hurry right now so I think I might end this here. I'll try to post about the blog challenge later, if the connection resumes. Bye for now!! be safe guys :)


  1. Will look forward to your blog challenge. And do not say that. Your blog is not nonsense. :)

    1. okay, so let's just say my blog is full of "blah blah blah" random posts.. and I don't think many could appreciate that.. but thanks anyway :))


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