I have been thinking whether I would have my resolutions for this year or not because for the past years, I've been having resolutions but all of those did not have any improvement at all so I was in a bit doubt but I finally decided to make some!:D

So last year was bit productive year for me. Though I did a lot of things still, the number if hours where I just starred at the monitor, where I slept late because I was watching anime the entire day and end up asleep in the whole morning and more! And I want to change all of these things and make myself better not only for this year but for the upcoming years to come. Below are some of the things that I want to be implemented this year and I swear to do my best to make all of this possible! :D

- To focus more on my studies. To read my books in advance of the class' discussion, to make my assignments first before anything else and to study hard especially during exams

- To have enough or plenty of sleep. I would minimize my time in using the computer since it's the primary reason why my eye bags got like this. I would also try to manage my time so I would be able to do all the things I must do and I can be able to lay in bed on time! :D

- To stay healthy. I really want to gain weight not fats since I have a lot of it already deposited in my stomach, cheeks and on some other parts. I want some muscles! :D I think I must already talk and ask my sister and my board mates to accompany me to have some exercise during free times. After all, all of us would benefit form this, not only me. And I should also start not to ever forget to have my vitamins and milk in the evening, this is the thing I always forgot everyday!

- To learn how to budget my allowance and to at least have anything to save. Since I have a very low allowance which I cannot change anything about it what I can do is only to learn how to budget my money. I guess I should minimize loading my phone and minimize other expenses like snack :( Although I have been doing this, it's just really sad to just watch the food look very yummy! -,- But since this is reality, I must bear with it and instead of not doing anything, I must study hard so that I can buy and do whatever I want in the future!!!!! xD yeah men! 

- To try to control my temper. I have this kind of attitude where I just say whatever I want when I see something which might be wrong, funny or intriguing. Although I say them on my mind, there are just some instances where I cannot hold myself back and end up saying words without even knowing. He even reprimanded me on this matter which makes me really determined to eliminate this kind of attitude which I think is really difficult because this is just me. 

-To not let any distractions overcome me!

There actually a bunch more of things which I really want to change this year but among all of those, above are the most important things. I hope I can make it! With God's help, I know I can make all of those written above !:)


  1. I agree with all your new year resolutions, especially the healthy one! xx

  2. that's actually the most important thing to do this year!to have a healthy living :)

  3. Great resolutions! :) I followed - follow back? <3

    Ellen xx


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