Farewell 2011

Got busy watching City Hunter for the past days. The sleepless nights were worth it! City Hunter is just the best! It made my previous favorite Korean novel Boys Over Flowers ranked down to the 2nd spot :D Anyway, 2011 was a year full of ups and downs. I thank God for everything he gave me, for the blessings, guidance and good health! :)  2011 wasn't really a productive year for me so I want this year to be as productive as I can make it! I haven't learned a lot about piano although I have been practicing it last year but I can't just find anything to boost my determination in fully learning it, but I really want to! If I can just have someone to teach me properly. It's pretty hard to learn piano by myself.

Back to the topic! So 2011 has been a wonderful year for me. A lot of new things occurred and I had great experiences which I could not ever forget! :) 

Summer of this year when I went to Cebu for my OJT. Aside from it was my first time, I got really excited because I was assigned to have my training at IMPERIAL PALACE, they interviewed and screened us, luckily I passed :) I got the chance to be trained in a five star hotel and work with professional people in their own fields. I was assigned in a Chinese Restaurant and the staff were all friendly so I did not really have any problem on getting along with them :) I was able to interact with different people like the Chinese, Japanese, American, German, Filipino and yeah off course Korean. I learned a lot about each other's culture and tradition including their languages especially Korean. I cannot also forget those times when some of the customers requested to have a picture with me, when they always look for me whenever they eat at our restaurant, when they personally call my name, when they had conversations with me and a lot more! Among all these things, the most unforgettable part was when I got the chance to talk with the Chairman, Chairman Park. We had a great conversation, he asked me where I live, what school I came from, what were my parents' job and a lot more. The best part was when he asked me to come back there to work there after I graduate. I can't really forgot what he said back then :) and whenever he eat at the restaurant, our supervisor always ask me to serve the Chairman. I had a lot of memories at Cebu which I  really treasure a lot!

Moving on! This year was also a year where I was able to bond with my friends often more than that of 2010. My high school friends were reunited during the debut of ikeith and that during our volunteer at Plaza. My college friends and I had also a lot of chance to bond since Vanessa became our classmate on all of our subjects this semester unlike before. So we really had a great time last year, not to mention the times during our OJT at Cebu, the Christmas party we had and the activities in school. Another thing is the reunion of my Elementary friends. When Jettel came back all the way from US to have her vacation and to celebrate her birthday with us. It was a blast and I cannot really forget the bond we had. I know it would be years from now that we could be able to gather all together again, but I know we will in the future and it will be a lot more fun! :))

My family and I had also a lot of chance to bond last year. My parents joined CFC last year which made our family more closer to God especially my father. We started to go to Church together last year since my father do not commonly attend masses before which I really do not know why. A lot of fights happened but among all those bad things which normally happens, the good things dominated and made my year really complete! -------- We had a great year last year. Yeah, we had fights and a lot of problems but we were able to surpass those which I'm really thankful for! 

I hope this year, 2012 would be a more joyous and happy year to me and to everyone! :) Happy New Year! :D


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