City hunter : epic ending! xD

I just love this Korean drama and just like I've said this became my favorite! I was longing for more  Lee Yoon Sung and Kim Na Na moments. I though they would really be together at the end, though that was the what ending implied but I'm still not satisfied!!! they should have made it clear, the should at least made them say the promise or whatsoever -.- I just hate to see these kind of endings where we are left with open endings!The photo above was the scene and that was the ending, they just smiled at each other, I know what that means but still.... bitin! samok!


  1. woah? as in? hahahaha. hindi ko pa ito napanood pero may nakapag-kwento na sa akin til sa part na nagkita na sila in person. hahaha. bad! bakit ganito lang ang ending?! sayang ang movie. hahahaha!

    btw, I followed you too. :)

  2. sabi daw kasi, the story does not really evolve on the love story itself, it's more about his role as city hunter ;)

    but I still think it's bitin :D panoorin mo nlng para malaman mo ano ang ibig kong sabihin :D

    Thanks! :)


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