Fresh Start!

Since it's new year, I think this only means a fresh start for everything. Getting rid of the bad habits I did last year , correcting those and making new ones that would add to my own development. And yeah! not to forget! Strict implementation of my resolutions this year :) and since classes are back I hope I could do everything to improve my study habits this year. 

Today is Sunday which means family day :) so we went to the mass together. First time to wake up early in a Sunday morning and first time to be early in a mass xD we were able to sit in the front row :D How about that? yeah men! fresh start :D bwahahahaha!! this is such an accomplishment for me xD Noon high, we went to the one and only mall here. We were not able to actually do what we intended to so we just proceed to our next spot which is the party/ seminar. I learned a lot about the seminar and yeah! the food! :D oishi! then we went home :D and that's all! 

I've been really eager to start classes because I feel so bored here!!! :D Good night everyone! I hope you had a great week and will have a great one on the weeks to come!see you in my next post! :)


  1. what a pretty blog and great positive outlook! Good luck on your resolutions, I'll look forward to reading along :)

  2. Thanks for the both of you :)) Keep on reading! :) xo!


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