It feels good to help :)

I planned to go to school around 8 AM to help in preparing food for the evacuees but then I woke up very late! 9 AM. I arrived in the city around 11 and then we proceeded to go to my friend's house, Sheila to give them a couple of clothes which we think they can wear. We had a sack full of clothes to give to them and the rest to donate to the others. Sheila's house was still there but then the whole house was full of mud, they do not have any clothes to wear, food to eat, etc. Material things are easy to get back, they can be bought but lives cannot be given back. Sheila and her family is still lucky enough despite of what happened to their house, they're all alive and complete compared to those who lost their loved ones. So the rest of the clothes were brought to the IIT gym as donations. The clothes were mostly form his sister In2x. The clothes looked like brand new shirts and all of those were given to Sheila and her family including  the male clothing for her father and brother. I'm just so happy to help my friend during this times when she needs help and support. I just hope she including her whole family, my other friends and all the people affected by the flood would be able to move on and continue to live life to their fullest! 
Moving on, right after we donated the clothes, we went to our destinations. Me in the Ced to help pack food and then he in San Lorenzo church to help other flood victims. My classmates and I together with our teachers packed the evacuees' food for lunch and dinner. The food were mostly canned goods and noodles. We were planning to give them nutritious foods tomorrow, food with some vegetables perhaps? 

It feels really good to be able to help to the victims of Sendong. Times like these are the ones where we really need to help each other especially those who were greatly affected and the ones who now really needs our help. haaaaaaaaay....

God is with us, we must not loose hope! aja! :)


  1. great job! :)


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