I haven't posted much this week, yeah! haha I did it. I promised myself not to post everyday because posting here takes a lot of time and I spend long hours surfing the net than doing my homework and assignments. Nothing much happen this week that's also why I wasn't able to post much.  So much for that... today's the last day of the week and so no classes tomorrow and then the day after tomorrow and then the day after the day after tomorrow :P haha Anyways this day has been tiresome since we did not held classes on two of our subjects today and then our major subject took the class all the way from 10:30 to 1:30. It was all pure discussion, at first I was very interested but then when it was about 12 noon, it became really boring since all I was thinking was to eat lunch.

Fast forward :D  I broke a glass and got wounded when I washed the dishes, got scald while cooking for dinner when I accidentally touched the opening of steam coming form the rice cooker, kay gatinanga lagiiiii -.-



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