Good Night Sunday.

Went to church almost late this morning but it was worth it, I mean it will always be worth the 7 am call time and the cold morning shower. I wore the pants for the first time after I have re-sized it and it was quite fine. I just thought of re-sizing those other pants that I'm no longer using to utilize them. I did not bring any shoes so I borrowed that of my Mom's.

I have always wanted to try the tutorial I have seen in Youtube, the braided hair but I'm just not good at it. I wanted to do it yesterday but I was just so busy with the general cleaning I did. The whole house really needs to be cleaned and refreshed so I prioritized the cleaning process. I used up all my energy and since I know braiding a hair is not that easy, especially for me I just thought of doing it in the next days. So since its Sunday, after the mass and while waiting for ASAP ROCKS, starring blankly at the mirror I suddenly remembered this thing. I tried but there are just so many interruptions going on like my mom calling me to cook for our lunch and a bunch more. I really could not wait for another time so while waiting for the fish to fry, I tried to braid my hair. It was not really easy since I do not braid my hair ever since, I just ask my mom and my friends to do it whenever I want to.The braid was really easy for those who are really into braiding their hair but for me , although it was quite a simple braid compared to other styles, it was still hard. I really didn't make it. I was able to finish one but it was very messy and it is not really good, honestly speaking.

The braid is supposed to be cute in the actual hair of the one who made the tutorial but as you can see mine is not even fine. The braid portion is just on the sides then the entire hair backward making a ponytail and then making a bump at the back. 

Moving on. While I was waiting for my turn in using the laptop, I was arranging my desk and then I found my beloved collection before when I was in high school. It started with my Kimerald addiction. I so loved them up to the point that I bought every magazine I saw where they are in the cover. A magazine costs 85 pesos and I find it really expensive but I still purchased because I was deceived by my obsession. Below are just some of my collection, it really has a variety of magazines since I really do not patronize one although I have my favorite which are Candy and Seventeen but mostly, I buy any magazine where they were in.

I had fun time reading those magazines and the 85 pesos was worth it. I would like to buy magazines these days but I really can't since I do not have a huge allowance for me to purchase one.

So I think this is it. I have to wake up early tomorrow 6 am sharp! My sister and I will return to the boarding house. I just hope I would have a great and blessed week ahead! Good night readers! :)


  1. I can't braid my own hair either :( x

  2. LOL I thought I was the only one who doesn't know how to braid my hair...

    Thanks for dropping! :)


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