20 days before Christmas! :)

Happy Mondaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! :) It's been two days that I was not able to post here, in Fb, in twitter, tumblr. etc. ; I went home that's why.It was good that the laptop was left here in Rac's because I was able to rest at home, sleep early and deprived myself from being exposed in too much radiation :D Haaaay... what a good feeling! :) Now I'm back, I hope I can resist my self from surfing too much, I don't want to use eye glasses early in my 20s. Today's the opening for our school's Paskuhan, I'm gonna watch Christmas caroling contest later :) As of now, I'm gonna share what happened yesterday. So yesterday was basically Sunday and so we went to mass of course to thank God for another week and for everything he gave. 

I saw my high school classmate Stephanie with her family. Yesterday was CFC's Chapter Fellowship that's why they were there. CFCs from Fuentes, Linamon, St. Micheal Heights, Picop and Ditucalan gathered in our church to celebrate Christmas in advance. It was a very fun and stress free activity. The weather was fine and so the program was a success. A couple of presentations were showed coming from each unit. It's very good to see how couples unite and make such a wonderful program to bring their families with them, worshiping God together and enjoying each company while celebrating an early Christmas.

There were a lot of games for the CFC, YFC and KFC. Although I was not a member, I enjoyed watching them play and have fun. My mom was beside me and she also did not participate in any of the games, we're really mother and daughter; I think I really got this from her LOL. We had fun watching people perform, how  they sang, dance and how they play the games :D haha We were laughing a lot and it felt really good! There was also a live band which heated up the event and the crowd danced including their children. Yeah and off course, my mom and I were plainly sitting on the side watching them and my dad dancing. The music was in the 80's and 90's trend, off course for the CFC to relate and dance with the song but I also enjoy singing with the beat and laughing on how they dance :D

The whole CFC with their families ate lunch together with meals brought by each family. It just amazing to think that families unite to celebrate Jesus' coming, although in advance. The spirit of Christmas is just so amaaaaaazing! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.... I can't really imagine how Christmas is coming nearer and nearer...



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