I mentioned that I would post about this right after the party but I was not able to do so because of the lack of internet connection that time due to typhoon sendong -.- 

This party went really good! all were having fun celebrating an early Christmas. The food was great and I was full every time I went near the table xD well at least I eat moderately compared to him! haha :P It was a windy day, I find it really good since the sun was not brightly shining that time which means lesser chance on having sunburn. Vanessa brought a camera and gladly it can capture photos underwater :) so most of the shots were underwater, haha..  Since the exchanging of gifts was the highlight, we had it at the bottom part. The shirt I designed was to Lady the one with the Pooh printed on. It was cute (nalang) but very messy so all in all, it was fine -.- anyway, the one I got was from Vanessa :) the shirt was cute! I tried to compare the one I designed and the one I received, well... hmmm... mine was totally nothing! Anyways, it was my all and I really did my best to make it good and I think that's all that matters :) pictures below are from Vanessa :)


  1. Lovely pictures - looks like you had good fun. :)

  2. Yeah! that was a blast! thanks for viewing! :))

    Happy new Year btw :D


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