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First week of the 2nd semester. Tiring indeed, but not in the sense that I have been busy with school stuff, tirng of the fact that I didn't have any such thing I have been busy and enjoyed with. I have been surfing the net after classes to keep my self busy. I have worked on Online Jobs but they didn't accepted me yet so I didn't have much time of enjoyment. I spent my time sleeping and then browse the net, cooking meals and then browse the net, eating, etc. thought the whole week would turn out to be just fine, my friends and I had eaten at R. Kelly's ( one of my blog post), watched Praybeyt Benjamin for the first time (ulahi na kau ko), the gift I received :) and the the new haircut. I got a new "sudlanan ug phone" and it's really cute since the color is pink and it's attached with a puppy thingy (picture below), beside is a cuddler which is also cute :D ahaha, pareha ka.cute sa gahatag! LOL This made my week really great! sa gahatg, thank you!! i love you soooo much! haha :D 


Got my hair cut (bangs ray nadungag) and my sister rebonded her hairyesterday at Tecson's churva. It was not in the plan, but since she really need it, I pushed and convinced her and since my Mom agreed, she had her hair rebonded. We waited for several hours, she was done around 9 PM because we arrived at the salon around 3 PM. While waiting for her my Mom and I decided to go to Ukay-ukay to buy stuff that we would like. I bought a shoes for my uniform since the shoes I have been using can no longer be used due to its damage. 

Anyways, grocery day today so, foooooooood trip :) haha.. Have a good day ahead readers (weh.)! :)


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