Start the day right!

Exercising is not really very familiar in my system since I do not execute proper exercise regularly. I do walking and climbing on stairs daily but those were normal and very light ways of exercise. Anyways, despite of the fact that I really slept late last night, I still went out, jogged and I had fun. We started really late since we also woke up late. We went out of the premise around 5 AM and the sun was slowly rising but we still went on and continue to jog. We were jogging around the Redemptionist Church. There were a lot of people on our way, we were already thinking that those people starring at us might be laughing at us. They're heading way on their homes while the three of us just started to warm ourselves up. But we just ignored those things, there were a lot of people jogging around so we mixed ourselves with them :D


 My sister and Miru were both left behind because they always stop jogging and they were merely walking most of the time. Me on the other hand, I sweat really badly while I was jogging and it really feels good. I can feel my heart beating fast, the air I breathe, the oxygen filling up my lungs and the sweat dropping off of my face and at my back. 

We stopped the jogging session around 6 AM. We rested and went to the Church. We attended the mass. I was really sweating even inside the Church and it's really awkward knowing that the people around you look and smells so fresh while you on the other hand looks really haggard. But we still went on, we just sat at the back portion, yeah..we isolated ourselves. While the mass was ongoing, I badly wanted to sleep since I really slept late last night plus I used almost of my energy jogging. I felt dizzy every time I stood up. Gladly, I finished the whole mass and before we went home we picked "quotes to be reflected" which the Church always have. So I picked the one quoted with "FOR THE LORD'S WORD IS TRUE; ALL HIS WORKS ARE TRUSTWORTHY." I know, there's no doubt! that's why I thank God so much for the blessings he always and will always shower on me despite of the sin I made.SALAMAT LORD! :D 


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