A "Not so good day" after all.

First day of school. I was wearing complete uniform (excited teh?) not knowing that I was the only one wearing it, they'r all in their own fashion attires. So I neglected the feeling of being different just as this day, I was saying that I'm just righteous enough, to excuse myself :) Our teachers all came and introduced themselves well, including the house rules, grading system and more. Thank God! because they seem nice :) I just hope this semester would be very interesting and fun to study. So after all the classes, we (my friends and I including him) decided to eat and try R.Kelly's Pizza House. I was really full after eating almost 8 slices of pizza, we ordered three layers (ambot unsay tawag ana, kapoy huna2),some of them were on a diet (I think) and they didn't ate much so mostly him, Shiela and I had eaten A LOT. We had a meeting (meeting jud?) about our upcoming Christmas celebration and exchanging of gifts then after discussing things, we went on separate ways :)

I thought the day ended really fun, I forgot to count the remaining hours left and the things that would happen which would change my "good day". Sadly, it turned out to be a not so good day after all. There are just people who really like to turn us down, no matter what we do, they only see the wrong things we had even though those wrong things don't even get close to the good ones we did. They only count the mistakes we commit. Why do people like them exist? people normally commit mistakes, we all do. Why do they keep on repeating and recalling those to us? when in fact they also commit mistakes, a lot. When we do wrong they immediately notice and judge us even though we did nothing every time they commit mistakes like we do. Unfair.! 


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