Stress-free Tuesday

Three classes were not held out of the four I have today. I woke up so early just to get on time in school not knowing that there will be no classes for they're having their college assembly which I think is not a reasonable excuse although I was really glad that we didn't held classes today :D haha The free time were spent in studying Philosophy, about the fallacies, its forms, classifications and all. I'm learning to love Philosophy now, just now when I was able to scan and read through its pages. A lot of things caught me which I think are really interesting things which makes me think that Philosophy must really be an interesting subject. 

So minutes after the announcement of having no class in Eng 4, Maam Angie of our Leisure subject texted some of our classmates that we would not be having classes today, my classmates including me were glad and a bit annoyed. We could have slept 3 hours more if we knew we would not have classes, but on the brighter side, we were able to study Philosophy and at the same time mingle with each other. 

Anyways, like what i've posted last Saturday, we went Ukay-ukay (soxal, haha) with my mom and I bought a pair of shoes (see the picture below). I bought it for only 150 Php!  It was cute but it actually hurts LOL. I'm thinking if I would wear it again or not, but what else will I wear? I have no choice so.... yeah ! :) 

Thankfully we had a class in our third subject which is Sales and Marketing by Maam Angela :) Her gestures, voice, reactions and the totality of her is just so cute! I thought she was like Maam Daisy but in reality she's the opposite :)

I went out of school and took my lunch. I checked my freelancer account to see if one of the bids I passed were accepted and surprisingly one replied :) I'm looking forward to work with him/her. I haven't know well my boss yet, I replied to the message but he/she hasn't yet, I've been waiting for hours now and I'm still counting... :) So our Philosophy subject was after lunch, I headed to school after eating. I bought a whole paper bag full of discounted make-up (negosyante na kau ko) LOL It was my idea selling those make up to my classmates since there were a lot of it in our store and it would just get expired if it would not be sold out. I was also thinking maybe I could have one of those items or I could have a percentage of the sales (oh dba.haha ). So my classmates were looking at them and yeah we also didn't had a class in Philosophy which I have studied. Anyways, since we had no class, the whole room was very noisy. People were talking about things and stuff while me including my group of friends were busy selling the items.  Some had the items on credit while some also paid on spot. The items were really cheap, I was even surprise the first thing I have seen those. My mom had lowered them down I think up to 30 % of the original price. My classmates were really lucky, I must say... and me too LOL for I know not all the items would be bought so I think, the ones left would be mine :D haha. 

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Today is just a super great day, not to mention the things I have sold, the time me and my friends had and the time we spent even just for a while means everything to me :) and to him! :D


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