10 things I can't live without.

I have nothing to post since nothing much happened today. I was browsing the internet, working for my online job, watching youtube videos, etc. and I happen to watch one of Juicystar07's videos entitled Things I can't live without. I am fond of watching her videos but honestly, she's got a crappy high pitch voice and its annoying. Back to my point, I enjoyed watching the video and  so I decided to make one! :)

1. GOD. Knowing that there will always be someone I can lean on in times of despair really feels good, even if he's intangible still he answers despite of my mistakes, imperfections and sins.  If not for God, I wouldn't be where I am now, I would not even exist and I owe everything I have to him. My family, friends, the blessings he always and will always shower, the guidance protection and a lot more! For without God, I am nothing.

2. FAMILY. Family is the basic unit and the foundation of the society, yes indeed but most importantly my family is my greatest source of strength.  The love and support I receive and I give makes my world go round. Their presence and encouragement makes me feel strong, important and loved. Although there are circumstances where I feel unimportant (oa2) I try to internalize and believe that its not true and its not their problem that I feel this way sometimes, its in me. 

3. CHAR!. We've known each other quite long, seven years I think. In seven years, he has always been there. Even before we were still acquaintances ( 1st yr-3rd yr) until we started hanging out together, he has always been with me through good times and bad times. Problems normally occur, it happens to everyone but what matters is how those struggles made us stronger and tighter. Problems make life colorful and without them, we would not be what we are now.

4. FRIENDS. I have a small network of friends, from elementary down to my present friends. My friends  usually says "maldita" was their first impression of me when in fact I am not. My high school friends and I bond by means of watching horror movies and anime together back then. We spent time a lot sharing stories about the people around us, anime, tv shows and a bunch of nonsense things which are really the ones most enjoying. When we got college, we didn't have much time with each other since most of us are studying different courses, most of them are in IT and I'm the only one enrolled in HRM. Anyways, presently, I am always with my college friends (co-HRM) and we spend time quite a lot since we see each other everyday, making fun of the funny people, funny things, nonsense topics and a lot more which always makes my day wonderful!

5. FOOD. It may not be obvious but I <3 food! Food is basically a human need, it gives the body nutrients and energy in order for the body to function well. But eating three times a day is just not enough to satisfy my need xD I eat sancks thrice a day. I love pasta, pizza, cake, ice cream, etc.

6. MONEY. How can I buy food if I have nothing to buy with? Money is also a human need which satisfy an individual's need and want. Money can do anything. By means of it, one can buy anything he wants as long as he has a lot of it. As for me, since I do not own a huge amount of money, I really need some. I got 20 Php allowance a day and its noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot enough! that's why I'm desperate to work online and thank God! I am now working :)

7. THIRST FOR KNOWLEDGE. My desire for limitless access to knowledge is never ending. We people normally continue learning new things day by day and I myself want to learn a lot more in the years to come. This is to reach my goals in life, to ready myself for the responsibilities of life and to prepare for the challenges that are yet to come.

8. NEW THINGS. I am not the type of person who just go with the trend. I buy and get something which I'm most comfortable and in love with. But possessing new things just makes me feel great. Having new things doesn't always mean being able to buy new clothes or anything like that, its also when we receive something from people who really cares and loves us.

9. POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT. Being surrounded by amazing people feels really great. Whenever we have problems, there are those who cheers us up and makes us feel good. Having a positive outlook and mind setting plus positive environment = success!

10. INTERNET. LOL, so much with the very personal touch, let's go techy :) Admit it, we teenagers can't live without internet connection. We do a lot of things in the cyber world, it makes us feel good, entertained and connected with a lot of people. Internet is a need I must say. I work online, I also keep in touch with my best friends through internet and we also have classes online so I really need internet connection.


  1. I don't know if I could live without the internet either!

  2. Most people today feel the same way we do.. :) In the modern world, its no wonder why people became technology dependent.


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