Kalerky this movie teh....

AFTER LIFE, one of the most curious movie I've seen. You wouldn't know what the whole movie is until you finish watching it till the end. The movie is starred by Christina Ricci who played as Anna Taylor, an elementary school teacher who's out of her sorts. She had a car accident after leaving her boyfriend Paul on the verge of proposing.  They were in a dinner date right after she went on a funeral, she prepared and died her hair for their dinner date but things didn't go as expected. It was raining cats and dogs when she left Paul and eventually had a tragic car accident. She found herself in a funeral home seemingly much very alive, she was greeted by a mortician Eliot Deacon  informing her that she's indeed dead and saying that he's a ghost whisperer who has the gift of speaking to the dead people and helping them to accept the truth. The cast is stellar and the movie concept is wonderfully twisted making the audience in doubt whether she's really dead or not :) I like these kind of movies, it leaves a mark to the audience making it unforgettable and worth remembering with its unique story and interesting twist.


Rate out of ten - 9! ;)


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