After her hit single Pyramid from her self title album now comes her new song LOUDER from her second albu, entitled Infinity. Catchy song that everybody could sing and dance with. I may be very late on posting and on having an LSS with this song but at least as the saying goes, late is better than never :-) I'm not a huge fan of Charice, I do not like her but I also do not hate her. I just super like her voice, it's very powerful and she absolutely has one of the most amazing voice I've heard. The New York Post even once called her a vocal prodigy for being able to sing 'big songs' even at her tender age. I'm hooked and I super like the song, as in haha :D below is her official MV.

I also just discovered that the album's first single is "Before it Explode" LOL, I've heard of it many times before, I just  recently know that Charice sang the song. She's really amazing, from being a simple amateur singer who persistently joins every single singing contests on tv to having her international albums, singing with the Hollywood singers, guesting in such prestigious shows and many more. The fact that she's a filipina makes me feel proud of her :) She also have another released song (on the same album) entitled "One Day" which is produced by Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. Charice is indeed a great singer to watch out for :)


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