#1 Blah Blah Blah...

Internet everyday :)) hihihi... We hacked wifi connection somewhere around here at Rac's Residences. I'm just so happy about this, I won't bother anymore on going to internet cafes to research, reloading 50 Php to our Globe Tattoo or going home at Ditucalan every weekends just to surf the net and submit requirements. Thanks to my sister who's the mastermind of this crime :D We do not know what room the wifi came from, we just hope they won't know notice us sneaking to their internet connection. 
Anyways, I really do not have anything to say, I'm just gonna say anything I can say. Facebook is boring, tumblr is very quiet nowadays, I froze my plurk account and I do not often use my twitter and so that's why I'm posting here. I do not have a lot of followers, I only have 1 I think, even in tumblr, I only have 300+ out of the 1K that I've followed, but so what? I don't have a life either socially or on the cyber life. Another thing, our laptop is not yet licensed so it shuts down every 1 hr, its like I'm in internet Cafe but on the contrary, we cannot just say "extend kog 1 hr te" LOL, it just shuts down itself and so we turn it on again then 1 hr after, it shuts down and then we turn it on again. So I alarmed my phone so that I would know whenever I have consumed almost 1 hr. Our laptop will not last long if this continues and my friends also misinterprets whenever they chat at me in Facebook then I get offline due to this 1 hr thingy. If we could just find at least 2K to license our laptop then it would be a great help. 

Just this afternoon before I took a nap, I decided to watch anime but I got bored. I'm more on the fictional (power2)-action thingy rather than the normal life based anime. What I really like is those anime like Fate Stay Night, Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, Tsubasa Chronicles, Inuyasha, Rental Magic, etc. I have also watched normal life based anime like S.A, Alice Academy, Lemon Angel, etc. I have adored so many anime characters but my favorite is Saber :) I even chose her during our cosplay for our commercial cookery ( we had Japan that's why ) but I didn't looked like her. She;s just very cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute ^_^


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