Last Semester.

Second semester for this school year is about two days from now. I don't know but I don't feel any excitement or eagerness. Maybe because I get used staying at home doing household chores, watching animes and movies, eating, sleeping and surfing the net. Its hard to adjust again on how will I spent my time doing things especially now that I will have homework and lessons to study. Looking back on the first semester, it was quite fun but I wasn't challenged unlike before when I was taking Stat 32, Chemistry, culinary and F & B at the same time. I'm not saying that last semester was "chicken", what i'm saying is that the subjects weren't that interesting like accounting and stat 32. The only thing that caught my interest was English 7 and Nihonggo class. Our Nihonggo class was quite boring but the fact that it's nihonggo I find it interesting and I was eager to learn a lot about it. But as the meetings went on, I lost that excitement and I didn't listened  much unlike what I did during our fist meetings, though I still learned a lot from our teahcer, Ibarra Sensei :) and the fact that he gave me a grade of 1, he became the best teacher of the semester ( for me) LOL. 

On the other hand, English 7 where we put a lot of effort than to our major subjects like Banquet, didn't gave me the grade that I expected. I thought Mr. Polito would give us 1 because as what he always say, he's impressed and speechless, so what more can we think of, a very high grade of 1. But sadly, he gave me 1.5. Its not the grade that I expected but I think that's the grade I deserve. I was disappointed but then I realized, 1.5 is not bad at all. In the first place, the case presentation and the big night weren't just the basis of our grades, it also includes those quizzes that we had, the speeches we delivered and those other things. And on the brighter side, even though I didn't got a grade of 1 in his subject, I think the experience and the lessons I have learned are more important and are very precious than having a grade of 1 without learning at all. (pictures aren't mine)

Indeed, English 7 is a great subject which taught us a lot of information about public speaking, on how to convey our message properly to people, on how to use our stage fright to be able to deliver a good speech and a lot more. Aside from that, this subject brought so much fun and color in the last semester, we had so much activities, the speeches, the programs we had, the case presentations, the big night and all other things we did were tiring but it was all worth it! :)

Business Finance, an easy subject but I took it for granted. I was very comfortable with it but at the last part, during the finals week, I lost out of track because I got busy with other subjects though, I managed and was able to get a grade of 1.25. We were told to make a business proposal and I chose to have a Pastry/Coffee Shop, the Sweet Temptations (logo edited by me :)
Cost Control. Yeah, I also took it for granted because I did not like the subject :D Maam Bea knows, I know she was referring to me when she said some students are taking her subject for granted. I tried liking her subject but I just couldn't. Like BF, she also required us to have a business proposal. It was by partners, I had JJ with me and we decided to have a seafood Restaurant :)

The front page of the folder we used for our Bus. Proposal (proudly edited by me :)

Banquet. One of our Major subjects. We had a couple of laboratories, we prepared main dishes down to appetizers. The laboratory was fun except during our class where our teacher talks and discuss our lesson, I find it boring :D  anyways, we had a kiddie party as our culminating activity for our finals and I had a blast. I participated in almost all of the games and I had a great time playing :) the pictures below aren't mine.

I had fun last semester and I hope I would  have more fun in the second semester :)) 


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