Best Friends FOREVER :)

Alone here in our room. No one to talk to, no one to laugh with, I'm all alone!!!!!!!!!!!! and it's really boring. I opened my facebook, tumblr and blogger but nothing was new or interesting. I browsed through my profile, looking for something to edit or update. I even changed my header here in blogger.

As I was scanning my fb, I saw a lot of tagged pictures. 1,348 photos to be exact and I saw this picture of me with my best friend Jettel. It caught my attention and the memories of before started flashing on my head. The moments we had during our elementary days, the laughter, the sharing of stories, the secrets we had and a bunch more. We've known each other for almost 8 years. We were classmates since grade 3 to grade 5 way back then in Iligan City Central School. There were three of us, me, her and Kriszia. I've known Kriszia a lot longer than Jettel, but the three of us hang out together a lot since then. We became best friends, we had fights but then we all went through it, that's normal. Those fights and problems we went through made us stronger and made our bond tighter. Jettel's mom was working abroad, Jettel's mom and dad were separated and her mom married a foreigner in the US. We were in Grade 5 when her mother decided to have her with her in US. It was December that year when she left. I cried a lot on her last day at school. I tried to stop the tears from falling but it just wont and I couldn't help it. I hugged her really tight that moment and I didn't want to let go. It was our teacher (who was my aunt) Mrs. Gapor who pulled me back because I didn't want to let go of her. I cried a lot, while walking out of the school, while waiting for a ride, while riding at the jeepney, and at home. My eyes were swollen and I cannot hide them. My mother noticed and she just laughed at me, LOL. She was so mean and so I cried more because of it, haha... (cry baby)


Since when she left, Kriszia and I continued our journey hers in Iligan while Jettel had her in US. We tried to communicate with each other, we write letters and send pictures through mail since Internet and chat were not famous before. We stopped sending letters when we were in 3rd yr high school, I do not know who stopped first but I think it was her.But anyways, she came back here in Iligan just this year, August to be exact. She came for vacation, she was here for almost a week. We had great night at Timoga together with my elementary classmates, GRADE 5 - MACKEREL. It was very fun and it's like once in a lifetime experience, I know she wont be able to visit us every year that's why. But at least she did and the greatest part is she paid our entrance fee and she prepared the food for us :)) We were almost complete that time, we gave her something, a cartolina with her picture and with our messages to her. She said she will have it framed :) I just hope she would come back sooner, I can't wait to see her again :)


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