A day to remember.

After almost seven days of being apart at last we saw each other even for hours only. I cherished every moment and made the most out of it, I missed him so much and I'm very happy today, thanks to him! <3

We decided to meet around 10 am and guess what, I was already in the city and yet he didn't text me good morning or whatsoever. He texted me and said that he just woke up, that was already 10:30 and I was in the city waiting for him. I got angry but then I managed, I miss him so much and that was all I thought of, to see him again.

So since he's not yet around that time, I decided to do the things I wanted to like printing those music sheets. And then I went to the "Dvd-han" and after a while he arrived. It was almost lunch time and so we went to Peek n' Berry to eat. We had a talk and it was very fun. I forgot what he did (being very late), I listened to very single word he said, it made me happy :) I miss those times, chatting with each other, sharing thoughts and experiences. He's just very funny, he told about what things he have done when he was in elementary and a lot more, while me, I was just listening and laughing. I also tried my best to share something but that "something" was really few since I was not very hyper way back in my school days, unlike him. He already had swam  in canal, he had been called by their school principal due to misconduct and so on. While me, I was a quite and simple girl, I had a very good childhood life back then but it was peaceful and proper unlike him, it was very adventurous, haha. After eating, we watched a movie and it was fun :)

I had really fun today, thanks to him! <3 I had a blast and I hope to see him again soon. I can't wait for it <3


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