Newbie here :)

            Yes, i'm a newbie here. It's my first time posting here though I had signed up here last year by my other email. Back then, I didn't liked the environment here and so I didn't pursue blogging in this site. And also I do not have my friends in this site so I decided not to continue. And now, I'm back with my new account, I can't imagine myself blogging here with stuffs or anything, but i'll try to coz' I'm finding it interesting now :)
          I am Emmerey Rose G. Sarona. Have been xisting since Jun13, 1993. Currently residing at Ditucalan Iligan City and I'm taking up BS-HRM at MSU-IIT, presently a 3rd yr student. My info. is actually posted at the right side of this page so I think this is redundant already :)

Yes, that's me.

            I am a blogger, I have blogs in tumblr, wordpress, friendster (way back then) and here. I'm not a good blogger, I admit. But I think blogging is not about being a good blogger or whatsoever, it's about sharing your best experiences or expressing yourself out. Its like having an Online Diary, a diary that can be viewed throughout the world, very opposite to a real diary. :D

I blog to express, not to impress.


  1. omg! another blogger from iligan city. MSUIIT pa jd! :) welcome to the blogging world! :)


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