My fave horror films...

Happy Halloween everyone! The month of October flew very fast that I didn't notice that its Halloween. What's Halloween by the way? Halloween is an annual holiday observed on October 31, and that's today, which commonly includes activities such as trick or treating, attending costume parties, watching horror films and a lot more. We Filipinos do not have this traditional Trick or treating things unlike those with the Americans, during Halloween, we usually watch scary and crappy movies and telling scary stories or we go exploring on haunted houses. Today, my post is somewhat related on today's occasion, since its Halloween, I'd like to share to you the list of my fave horror movies. The list is in no particular order :)


Top 3

One missed call is the first horror film which really scared me. I watched it together with my high school friends, we really had fun but then after watching the movie, I couldn't leave my self alone, I prefer to have a company at home.  It took me almost three days to get over it. I even cannot go to sleep easily, whenever I close my eyes, the memories, the scenes are coming back. Rate out of ten? 9!

The Shelter, I watched it just this year together with my sister, cousin and a board mate. It has a suspense somewhat thrilling genre. It's about faithless people being locked inside a certain body (shelter). It's a very good movie to watch. Rate: 9.

Exorcism of Emily Rose is a true story based movie. I actually got really freaked out of this movie since I had similarities with the name Emily Rose, mine's Emmerey Rose. The movie is really scary since it can really happen to anybody, I cannot imagine putting myself into her shoe, it's really a chaos for me. If were her, I think I wont last that long. Rate: 10

I watched many horror films already but I just cannot remember them. Those six movies I've posted are my favorite ones, and those three which I put descriptions with are the movies which really freaked me out. I'm looking forward to see more horror films, any suggestions? :)


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