Hair Brush Straightener Review

I was born with sleek straight hair and in fact, I used to have the famous Dora hair when I was a child. But for whatever reason, my hair became wavy and got messier when I grew up. I have tried rebonding my hair and I liked it but the thing is, I can't swim on the beach! it damages my hair which is why I decided not to continue the treatment and looked for alternative ways to groom and style my hair. Then I saw this hairbrush straightener online.

I have watched so many Youtube videos about this hairbrush straightener saying how convenient and easier it is for straightening hair. I am not good with using hair iron or curling iron because I find them very time consuming (if you guys have seen my get ready with me video, then you'd know I don't groom my hair! not even a proper comb!). Also, I'm kind of clumsy and for sure I'll just hurt and get burned. I tried it a few times and before I even straightened half of my hair, my arms started to weigh down and hurt. lol

I got this from Lazada November of last year. I had quite a trouble with the shipping (read my REKLAMO sa Lazada post) but I'm still glad it came. I bought this on sale for P441 including shipping. Not so bad right!?

This is one of the most hyped items on the internet around the time I bought it. I was eyeing this one from Lazada until it came on sale then I decided to get it. I filmed my full review of this hairbrush straightener. Take a look.

What do you guys think!? Have you tried this hair brush straightener too? Let me know your experience in the comments section down below. 


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