Usana Davao Training

One perk of being a Usana associate is being able to travel to places. I have had many firsts with Usana, including the recent training held at Usana office in Davao. I have never been to Davao and if it wasn't for Usana, I wouldn't have any reason to visit. I was there for two days so I wasn't able to roam around that much. I did visit some places which I will blog about soon.

Anyway, I would just like to share these cute photos we took right after our training. 

We were trained in depth by Usana's resident Pharmacist Ms. Gen Blasurca about our products and the science behind it. It was not the usual product training. We took a test at the end and anyone who pass will be a certified product trainer. I'm not so confident about my answers because the questions were very tricky. They seemed easy but very tricky.

Nevertheless, I learned a ton with the training. Pass or fail, it was worth the travel and visit. Just look at our faces. We were very happy to be given a chance to take the exam. My Davao trip was short but very productive. I hope to visit again soon.


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