Birthday Wishlist 2016

A few of you might already know that it's my birth month :) In a couple of days from now I'll be turning 23. Time flies really fast! I cannot believe I am a year older. But I am really thankful for another year given to me. It is so sad to hear that many people right now die at around my age due to certain illness or even accidents. So this is really a blessing from God and it should not be treated as "old" but "wiser". 

It has been some kind of a tradition for me to make a wishlist every year for my birthday. So now, I am sharing to you some of the things I am currently dying to have! literally!

Because it is rainy season here in the Philippines, I want to try the bomber jacket trend. If you have seen my previous post, bomber jackets are pretty much the trend right now because of its sporty look. Same thing with the white sneakers trend. Been eyeing on having a pair and I think my birthday is pretty much a good excuse to get one.

Matte liquid lipsticks are also very trendy right now and Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit is behind all of this. It is quite expensive but I really want to try! I've been also dying to get my hands on Michelle Phan's Chiaroscuro Contour Kit and the current trend on paddle makeup brushes.

I am having a difficult situation on my skin right now. I am breaking out so bad for the past few months. My favorite cleansing soap before doesn't work already on my skin so...I have tried several soap and cleanser for acne but they didn't work. So I thought of getting a good pore cleanser too.

So I think that is all. I might buy some of these by myself and if ever any of you or my friends reading this plan to give any kind of gift, thank you in advance! hahahaha! kidding aside, hope you like this post. Let me know what you think!


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