What I Learned On My First Job

We've all had our firsts and clearly it's the most memorable; first day at school, first crush, first love, first menstruation, first job and more. And usually for me, firsts are one of the most nerve-wracking ones, just like my first job. 

In case you didn't know, I lived at Cebu for a year to try my luck at finding a good job at a decent hotel (given the fact that we don't have decent hotels to work at here on Iligan). And while waiting for my applications on several hotels, I worked as an english teacher in a Korean School but I only lasted for about a week because I was hired as a Front Office Associate at Alpa City Suites which what I consider as my first real job. 

And because it was my first, it was indeed memorable and nerve wracking. My co-workers were five years older than me and I was the youngest among all the employees to be exact. It was tough, really. And I learned a lot! like literally A LOT. 

Every company has their specific SOP or Standard Operating Procedures. And surely, ACS had too that we employees have to follow. As a front office associate, everything has SOP from welcoming guests, check in, check out and a lot more. This is one of the most important thing I practiced even until now. In whatever situation I am in, I always follow the rules and what is right. 

Smile is basically a very important asset in everyday lives especially when you are working in the hospitality industry. I can really say that smile can solve problems! In difficult situations with guests complaints, long queue and more, a simple smile will do the trick!

And this by far is another important thing I have learned! lol In all workplace, gossip will never ever be absent because it has become a norm. And no matter how you try to avoid, it will always get to you. And because it is not avoidable, what one can do is to remain neutral in every issue. One trick I can give is to just simply listen (if you have no other choice) but never ever get to any side. Simply, listen but do not ever gossip. 

It is always good to make friends and develop good working relationship with them. But one thing I learned is to not always trust a person so much. Always remember especially when you're the newbie, that there might be someone who will backstab you for whatever reason.  To simply put it, do not share your deepest secrets to anyone so easily. Get to know them well before you give your trust.


This isn't applicable to anyone and I know some of you won't agree with me. But I think, this is one of the most important thing I learned from my co-workers that you might want to consider (not based on my personal experience though). Being good friends with your workmates is a good thing because that simply means you have great attitude and that you are a great member to your team/department. However, when it kind of exceed the friendship level.. you might want to rethink and consider several factors before you fall deeper on your emotion. Don't get me wrong because obviously, there is nothing wrong with falling in love with your workmate. But personally, I think it's much better to separate work from your personal life. Because sometimes, it's hard to work with someone you're not okay with (for instance when have a lover's quarrel) and the team suffers. Now, do I make sense? :)

So those are the top things I learned from my first job. I cannot say I am an expert with this but I can say I learned a couple things that I can use to my current everyday life. I learned so many great things aside from the ones I've mentioned. Overall, my first job was a great experience. I made great friends and learned so many things!



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