MTV Video Music Awards 2015 Best Dressed

Guys, lets talk about the recently concluded 2015 MTV Video Music Award. It's like the talk of the town because of what happened within the show. I never really saw the entire show but as what I've seen and read, it was one hell of epicness. A lot had happen including Nicki Minaj and Miley shading each other live on air, emotional performance by Justin Bieber, a lot of "almost " nude outfits by Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift duet, Kanye West's presidency and Taylor Swift presenting Kanye West's award. Phew! I told you, so much happened! 

But with all the controversy the show gained, it never really mattered to me. Because what I was looking forward were the celebrities' looks! and man! they all looked awesome. In random order, here's my list of best dressed from this this year's MTV VMA :)

First on my list is the gorgeous Demi Lovato. She looks awesome and perfect for the MTV event. I cannot even describe how gorgeous she looked. No wonder why she's on everyone's best dressed! and I'm pretty sure you won't argue with me lol

Another of my favorite is of course the bohemian queen Vanessa Hudgens. She looked like an ethereal goddess! other people says her look were a little off for the VMA but in my personal opinion I think she slayed it! I mean, there's really no theme or motif for VMA. Miley even wore almost nothing! 

A fierce Taylor Swift walked on the red carpet with this glittered houndstooth separates. She definitely rocked the look and everything seemed perfect!

Taylor Swift and her squad looked amazingly perfect together. Define #squadgoals

Nicki Minaj's dress was so pretty! although I think it looks a bit over exposed (if you know what I mean) . But nevertheless, she wore it with confidence as always and I think she looked amazing.

Chirssy Teigen looked awesome in the red carpet too! her dress was sexy and elegant, perfectly fit for her. And to be honest, together with John Legend, she looked hotter.

Selena looked perfect but I guess her dress didn't really gave justice to how pretty she was during the event. Honestly, she's the least on my best dressed but because she still looked awesome as always, she deserved a spot on my list. She looked better on her after party dress.

Kylie Jenner looked gorgeous too! although it seemed like she wore an abaca dress, her beautiful face carried out her overall look and awed everyone. She looked good with full bangs too.

And that's all for my best dressed! what's yours!? leave them in the comment section below


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