Back to School Essentials

Here's another post in celebration for the back to school season. Again guys, let's just be happy being able to meet our friends again! no need to be sad because school is fun! and the most exciting part? shopping for school supplies :) 

When I was in elementary shopping has always been the most exciting part of going back to school after a long and fun summer vacation. I always get to choose my bag, notebook and a lot more. So let's all be happy at least with this part of the back to school season hehehe. Anyway, don't forget to make a list of what you're going to buy. Also, if you still have good stuff that you can reuse, then don't bother buying anymore. Let's all be practical and recycle what's still in good condition. Let's save mother earth guys! hahaha Anyway, here's my list of back to school essentials.
If you are loaded with subjects and you prefer to have binder then you can do so. Personally, since I only have four subjects (since I'm on my masters degree) now and that's not really that much I opted for a notebook. Way back on my high school and college days I always used binder and lately I've seen so many Youtube videos about customizing your own binder so I suggest you take a peek of those. Anyway, I also thought of maybe customizing my notebook but I realized I don't need to do any alteration because it already looks so cute! I love the silver font to death :)

And because it's a notebook and it only has one divider, I made my own bookmark out of a washi tape and paper clip to separate or divide the notebook to four. I suggest you do the same at least you can customize it to your liking and it would save you a ton of money.

Pen & Highlighters
Of course pens and highlighters. For me, highlighters play a huge role in studying and taking notes of important details such as names and dates. And I like my pen in gold and silver so I bought those and also I have some permanent  markers for artsy purposes.

And please do not forget to have a planner. Not only it would remind you of test and exam dates but also it will help you organize and avoid procrastination. Arrange and plan everything on a daily basis. This will help you track and finish all your agenda. Lately, I've been hooked with this cute planner stickers because of youtube! Yes, I do watch a lot of youtube videos and this planner craze has been my favorite! look at my planner guys, it looks so cute and it makes me motivated to take a loot at it and do all things I wrote. 

Washi & Post Its
Washi tapes and post its will definitely not only help you throughout your school year but will also be cute decorations for your desk and notebook!
Makeup Bag
I always carry a makeup pouch with me wherever I go. I carry just the essentials to avoid bringing heavy loads of unnecessary stuff. I always have alcohol, lip balm, cheek tint, oil blotting paper and of course a pair of sunglasses to protect my eyes.

Off course guys, who can forget the bag! up to you if you prefer backpacks or a tote bag or maybe like me you prefer sling bags. As long as it fits all your stuff and would look cute with any outfit. Also guys, please always bring an umbrella with you. Weather nowadays are really unpredictable.

So I think that's it for my back to school essentials. What about you? Let me know in the comments section below <3


  1. I am not even going back to school but this made me want to buy so much stationary - great post xo

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