Save Our Stomach!

Truly one of my favorite places right now! it totally saved my stomach a couple of times with their yummy foods that are super affordable! Aside from that, the place looks very cozy too! I love the interior and the details all over the place!

What more can you say to this skater lights? how about that strainer lights? and the cool chalkboard wall art? Just awesome!

They also have this cute artsy corner where you can find tumblr-worthy crafts! they have planners, bag tags and many more.
 I also love the wall arts all over the place, I find it very instagrammable! lol
And this artsy table is the bomb! it has different inspirational and cute quotes behind the table that could really boost you up!

They also have a 2nd floor that could be used exclusively. So if you and your group of friends wants to have a long chitchat and bonding moments without worrying about how loud you all can be, this spot is perfect for you! Also, if you loved the ground floor you will surely love the art here too!

This is by all, my favorite wall paint art! Look closely and you'll understand why I love this!!!

If you happen to drop by Iligan, be sure to check this place out!
'Till my next post guys! 
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