Pagadian Trip

I've been here when I was little and so I don't have any clear memories of this place. I never thought it was such a beauty. It looks like Iligan now, even bigger! And I'm very glad to finally be there with my family.

Early in the morning we went on the road for almost 4 hours. It was a long ride and I was sleeping the whole time! Good thing I did my eye make up first and so it was a quick getup when we reached the place.
It was a Wedding of my Uncle that we celebrated and it was such a huge gathering.  It was like a wedding/reunion of our clan! Almost all of my relatives from different places gathered and attended the event.
Congratulations to the newly weds! best wishes!

A quick #Ootd with my motha! I styled her by the way :)
And please don't bother our messy hair, it was a long drive 'ya know
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Loving the setup of the venue. The chairs are the bomb! I also love the red theme :)

Father and daughter selfie be like...

It was a one day trip so the next day, we visited some of our relatives for a quick bond and chitchat.

Sorry for the next photos but we just like to be wacky and funny! we don't meet very often so might as well make the most of our little time together. 
Till' my next post!

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