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If you've been following me on Instagram, then you already know how often I post photos of food, myself and other girly things. A lot has happened lately and I hardly can tell each of them. So instead of giving lengthy paragraphs, a better way of showing how my life went lately is through these Instagram snaps. 

food! food! food! food! It might not be very obvious but Yes, I eat a lot guys! Basically, my Instagram just shows what I fancy, what I love doing and just simply my daily musings. What I love with Instagram is that it allows me to snap a thing or two and post them any time I want! It's like an online photo album. I can be very artistic with my photos using a whole bunch of apps! 
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  1. love your purple nail polish!

    from helen at

  2. Very cute pictures! I really feel like I should get into the food side of Instagram, every food pic looks sooo delicious!



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