DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

A big hello lovelies! I don't know about you but I love doing DIYs. In fact I was thinking about doing some DIYs and while I was searching I found these amazing stuff. These are very good gift ideas in time for Christmas! very simple yet very interesting! No need to allot big budget now guys because you only need empty jars, ornaments and basic supplies.

DIY Snow Globe
I love this DIY project to bits! if you are in worry of how to decorate your house while still on your budget, this is the perfect DIY for you. Simple, easy and cheap! (click here for instructions)

S'mores Kit Food Gift
For your friends with sweet tooth, this DIY is perfect! Who doesn't love smores? might as well give a kit with all the ingredients inside! Do not forget to give a little note here or there to make it more personal. (click here for details)

Brownie Mix in a Jar 
Here's another sweet option for your loved ones. I personally think that this is super cute! instead of baking brownies yourself, why not give them the ingredients and let them do the thing. It's a very fun way of letting them experience how it is done! Make tiny note with the baking instructions written. (click here for details)

Cupcake in a Jar
If you are feeling a little fancy and you'd like to flaunt your baking expertise, this is a great yet cheap idea for you. Layer your cupcake, fillings and icing inside a jar. Put a little spoon at the side to complete the look. Not only it would look so cute and tempting but also a very convenient way for your loved ones to easily grab a taste of it. (click here for instructions)

DIY 2015 Planner
This is a super wise DIY gift that you could give as this is super useful. You will be able to influence them to organize their life with the use of your gift. Not only that, as you can make is as personalize as you can! You can put some inspiring life quotes on some pages to motivate them. (instructions here)


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