Christmas Wishlist!

Hi guys! It's Christmas time! It's not that I'm materialistic or what but I have a very long wishlist. Wishlist that's been written since the start of the yet not a single thing is in my possession. Haaaaaaay, perks of being broke.

As Christmas as it is, its the perfect time to set some wishlist and broadcast it to all of our friends and loved ones. HAHAHA! Who knows, they might be on the thoughts of giving you something for Christmas. At least they already have an idea of what to give. 

Have a job
I feel very ill being at home everyday doing all the chores, surf the net and watch TV . I currently have a boring life. Though it's very relaxing, I feel like I'm wasting my time. Time that I could have earned something. In case any of you can offer me job, I'm an email away! *wink

Get my teeth done
I need to wear braces. Not that I like it but because I need it. My teeth are not aligned at all and it affects my face shape. It's not that noticeable yet but those that I encounter everyday like my family can actually tell. 

Own a DSLR
I have been craving for a dslr for years now. I bought a Canon Digital Camera recently and it's good! but I still think DSLR is way better when it comes to quality especially with videos. I really like to explore in photography thus the need to really own one.

Own any item from Em Cosmetics
I love Michelle Phan! Who doesn't? she's like every girls bestfriend! she is very inspiring and she empowers me in a lot of ways. I would love to try her own make up line. She worked so hard for it and knowing that she's an expert with cosmetics, I know her brand is really good. It's also my way of supporting her not just because I'm a fan but because I believe she deserves everything. God has poured her all the blessings because she has a very kind heart.

Grab a copy of these awesome books!
I'm really not a bookworm but when it comes to women empowerment and if it's written by inspiring people that I look up to,  I'm definitely interested in it. I love books that I can pick up a lot of motivation from especially like Michelle Phan's book. She wrote not only about make up but how she became the star that she is now from her humble beginnings. 

That's all for mine! What are your Christmas Wishlist? :)

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