October Favorites

Though it's quite late, I decided to blog monthly favorites from now on about random stuff. And I guess last month was more of like the beauty and everything girly stuff for me. 

* Lavender Polish (Beauty Bar) - Got this one on sale at Ayala Cebu and it was so worth the penny. It's my favorite nail color from now on aside from teal because it looks really refreshing.

* Magic Pink Cream (Sophie) - Been having this for quite some time now but it was just last month when I totally got the hang out of it and finally decided to use it. And I loved it! looks really natural on the face.

* Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara (Revlon) - Also got this on sale at Robinsons Cebu *see? i'm a sale junkie* . It's waterproof so it's kind of hard to remove but because I love how it gives volume to my lashes I still love using it.

* Fruity Shine lip balm (Nivea) - I already used out my Maybelline lip balm so I went to Watsons and decided to try out other brands. And this one from Nivea is something you also want to try.

Also, if you noticed I tweaked the blog a little bit. Tell me if you like it or if you have any suggestions. I'll be so glad to read any of them :)
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