Lantaw Escape

We were all getting excited on our way. From Cebu City to Cordova, we rode a van approx an hour and then took a tricycle from Cordova Municipal to Lantaw Restaurant. It was a fun ride. It reminded me of my fieldtrip memories way back at school. And well, road trip is always the best so not knowing the particular direction is not as bad as it may seem because its always fun with friends. 

When we got there, of course picture taking and selfies were the least thing to be forgotten and there we took a bunch of shots. 
Group shots even at the tricycle. lol
You can tell that you're almost there when you smell the seaweeds-maybe because it was low tide that night. A hint that tells you you're at the seaside.  But anyways, it was good. 

The restaurant faces Cebu City on the other island and the view was fantastic. The busy lights of the city was amazing, not to mention how Crown Regency Towers stood out the most. 

We arrived around 7pm and we ordered straight away. The food were ready but we were still waiting for some people so seeing the food on the table was very tempting and it made me really hungry! the moment they arrived, after we prayed it was riot! literally! the food was gone in an instant! We were all really hungry.
Super love this dessert. Bibingka ala mode. One of my favorite bibingka ever!
After eating a bunch! we decided to finish the night with an awesome karaoke session! We were all excited on our way, well especially me :)
I sang my heart out and so did them. It was very cheap! amazingly, we paid 28 pesos each for 2 hours of karaoke! I really had a blast! what a night it was!

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