Shoe Selfie

So this arrived the other day and I was so excited! I knew what was inside and I was so eager to see it in person. Thank you Milanoo for these awesome shoes!
So these was really awesome pair of shoes! Love the design and quality!

The box was gorge! and adorable. Durable too! I was so ensured the shoes were on very good condition because from the packaging itself, we already can tell.

It was raining outside so I took the shots inside the house. I hope you can see how gorgeous they are in these photos.
 I love that it's nude and it makes me look taller in photos. I also love the strap and the rivets on it. It looks elegant and a bit edgy at the same time.

The second shoes was my favorite! I love the design and it looks really sophisticated and well, very on trend! Though it's a bit smaller for my size, it will still do.
I love the color combination! and the heels! it also feels very comfy when worn!

They turned out to be very adorable in person! just as I saw in the monitor. The other pair was a bit smaller though but it's okay. I love the designs and how comfy they are! They look durable too! These shoes would be perfect for my future events! can't wait to actually wear and flaunt them!
 If you want to check out more lovely shoes, check out Milanoo! :)



  1. Beautiful shoes :)
    Have a nice day ♥

  2. love the shoes!!

    x Francesca of

  3. Nice shoes there!:)pahiram...hahaha..


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