Jump In

So on the third day we decided to get out of the sun and went swimming at Maze Park. It was a sunny day perfect for our planned mini getaway. We had a mini post celebration of my birthday so we only prepared a small food gathering. We decided not to really dig in with the preparation and all the cooking and baking so we only cooked a few and ordered the rest. 

Thanks to Lazada for this awesome cupcake tower! :))

So these people are the ones whom I have been with mostly during my high school days. We haven't hang out the past years after graduating high school since we got busy with our college life and all other things. But good thing, we still find each other a way to at least gather for some time like this. I'm glad they all came!
Epic fail jump shots!
The only shot that got close to perfect. lol

One thing I like about this place is the fact that it looks so refreshing and so nature like. With its veyr affordable entrance fee, they offer quite many things inside. They have a couple of pools, many cottages with even karaoke stand in some, a canteen, mini zoo and the water are freshly from a spring. Its quite a long ride from the city but its really worth it.

If you happen to visit Iligan and want to try cool and refreshing water without hiking to our waterfalls, you might wanna sink in at a couple of pools along Timoga or at Maze Park if you want a more nature like surrounding :)


My June giveaway has ended but! do not fret because I decided to giveaway a Romwe coupon for all of you guys! I'll announce the full details in the upcoming days so you might wanna stay tuned :)

Have a great day ahead lovelies!


  1. Love those cupcakes, they look delicious!
    Anyway, I have new outfit post on my blog, so if you are interested check it out:)
    Have a lovely day, kisses
    Christine G ♥


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