July Haul

Clearance sale has been a lot around lately and it's just a mind bugging thing. I hate the fact that it always comes around pay days and that its the one reason I end up cutting my savings budget. Can you please at least slow down? lol

SM Cebu had a huge clearance sale a week ago. When my friend told me about it, I immediately thought about the steal I could get if I were to buy a needed pair of shoes there. So I decided to grab the opportunity of getting a big discount which would mean a lot more savings for me. But then the moment I went inside, I was drooled with a lot of pretty stuff at very cheap cost! I ended up buying this cute Secosana bag and this lovely WAGW shirt which was really unplanned but still ended up inside my cart!  And then surprisingly, the main purpose of my sale hunt came the last thing on my mind. Quite odd right? lol 
So that was the story behind these lovely items. So much rant and all. lol

Moving on, after the sale I decided to check my online purchases at the Post Office to see whether they arrived already or not. Surprisingly they did! and more to my surprise, I got this lovely black bag from Dresslilly that I almost have forgotten about. If I knew this bag was coming, I could not have bought the pink Secosana bag at the SM sale. But nevertheless,I could alternatively use them at work. I also got this lovely dress and black top from Romwe and this cute teal necklace from Kisspat!
Check my #Ootd for this lovely dress and Dresslilly bag here.

Have a nice daaaay!


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