Iligan DayOne

As you all know I went home for 3 days to spend my birthday. And so here's my first day travelgram for you guys! :) nothing much happened actually coz I wanted to relax at home on the first day. I arrived around 7 am and right there at the airport my parents came to fetch me.

Before heading home, we went to buy some stuff at the market.And before anything else, a groufie inside the car! That is by the way a relative of mine on the left side.

Arrived home around 9am and look what I found! my dear sister and brother who is by the way really a camera shy. He's so thin as you can see, same with me when I was his age too! I don't know but I think it runs in the blood.

Look at this little cutie! our neighbor's son who is super adorable and very behave!

Some cute snapshots :)
We then went to watch Maleficient in the afternoon together with the fambam! :)
The movie was good! I love Angeline Jolie's character and I learned a lot from the movie. Very worth it.

And for the look, here's a couple of shots I got. I'm having a bad hair day so pls excuse my
Asymmetric short from Romwe btw :)

My travel buddies!
 lovely sequined bag from Dresslink and this cute pink mp3 player from Lazada :)

Have a good daaay!


  1. Is that your sister in the blue shirt? Want to see more of her =)

  2. looks like you had a fun time! and i love the outfit, great styling!

    ♥ Ellen #NZblogger
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  3. I love your outfit! x

    x Francesca of

  4. Your brother is still a growing kid! :) mao niwang pa. :) Iligan is very much maka-miss.

    A Hint of Sunlight

  5. thanks for the visit lovelies! <3


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