Cozy Cup Iligan

Started my 2nd day at Iligan by hopping through a couple of milk tea shops in town. There are a lot of milk tea shops in Iligan now like you can sip a cup in every corner of the city! I love the cozy and dainty feeling of the shops that is so worth the visit and penny. And the milk teas are quite delicious too!
To start of the day, we headed first at Cozy Cup right after I went to get my yearbook in my alma matter. And I spotted this cute little corner with this lovely golden mirror. Below is a cute mini flag just right in time for the Independence Celebration :) I just love gold and white combo. It just magically transforms everything into elegant!
I love the refreshing vibe of the white,teal and shades of blue color of the shop.Too bad the aircon wasn't functioning that time. But this yummy silvanas covered up the imperfections I noticed. It was sooo good!
I had the lychee fruit tea and this yummy silvanas!
Yummy food+ambiance+good company =a perfect moment worth sharing!

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