Greatest romance fantasy and something I crave a lot.

Let's not talk much about the post title. Let's go directly to the answers. Okay, so I had this Blog Challenge years back and I haven't finished them yet til now. I decided to continue and since I don't have anything to post here yet. 

I have been really craving for an HD camera. I've blog for a couple of years now and you know what's my big dilemma? quality photos and shots! I'm tired of editing photos to at least improve the quality. I want a camera that barely needs editing. To lessen the workload and for easy blog life! <3

And greatest romance fantasy is...
No I'm not talking exactly about Final Fantasy, but I mean.. who doesn't like them?

I actually don't have any particular answer but this is what came out in my mind after a few minutes of brain storming lol! I've always been a fan of adventure, fantasy- fictional movies and anime since I was a kid. I remember myself living and wandering around a beautiful floating castle, wearing grand dresses, off course with a crown ; riding in a beautiful carriage. Sometimes having horseback riding, being a little sneaky to go around the castle to see the people and the great views from the mountain. And having the power to control the water and wind. That's my greatest dream *wink (since avatar) Can you picture me out? I'm a Goddess/Princess. So from here, maybe I'll meet the one (regardless of his walk of life) in that magical - perfect moment under the moon and stars. To make the story interesting, he comes from another world who's intention is to retrieve something they own long before. Unknowingly, fell in love with the beautiful princess and discovering a mystical secret of the palace that tore him apart. Its a whirlwind -roller coaster ride of love story that went against all odds. Something really extraordinary from the real world. It maybe just a typical fantasy story but just imagine yourself being like the Princess. Isn't it amazing?? 

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Tell me about your greatest romance fantasy too :)


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