At last! an outfit post. I kinda missed doing this like I used to. But I guess time and workload keeps me busy these days and also the mere fact that I can't use my self-timer technique to take photos of myself. lol
Wore this outfit yesterday to church before my graveyard shift. Thanks to my official photographer LOL for being patient in taking these photos. 
I have been quite hooked with houndstooth prints the past weeks and I was just really glad when I found the top in Metro last year for only P99! I bought it immediately.  The royal blue jeans on the other hand is from (see here), its a bit bigger for me but I super like the rich, royal blue color and the super comfy cloth. Paired with a black sling bag (from my sister) and a simple black flat shoes and I was good to go.

What'ya say? :)
Anyway, I'm leaving you with Aria Clemente's cover of Royals :) 
Have a nice day!



  1. love your outfit! :) simple but you pulled it off :D



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