Overdue Haul

I got these items a few days back and its just now that I had the time to blog about them and such. I'm trying to recover that Blogging spark thingy you know. And besides, I have a lot of things to think of and it crazy. It makes my head go round and round like a roller coaster ride, like literary. But I'm trying to clear up my mind, not bothering those things by blogging! :) CHEER UP!

Got these KB products a week back and I am still on the process of evaluating it so I'll be posting the review once I gather enough details and all. Real soon :) So far, the products are good and I haven't observed any not so good thing about it except maybe on their packaging? perhaps.
KB Vitamin C Peeling Gel
KB Underarm Whitening Spray

Next is the samples I got from Sample Room. I was really excited to be able to get from Sample room, but to my surprise, they were too small, like literal samples. I know it was my fault not reading thoroughly thus the unmet expectations. But I haven't tried the product yet. Ill post the review once I have the time to try it on :)
Shiseido Ibuki Softening Concentrate

I also got this cute vest from Persunmall yesterday straight from the Post Office. Anyway, I love the vest to bits! the fact that its black and the cloth feels really comfy. The print is fine though.
Over Hip Long Modal T-Shirt
Will make an outfit post with this in time :))
Have a great day guys! :)


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