Off Date

I'm having my day off today hence this post. I love taking breaks especially from a busy work. A day off for me just means a whole day of rest, eat, surf and sleep! I bet you too, right? lol. anyway, who doesn't love day off? 

If I'm not doing my laundry, then I just take a wholeday rest, or watch movies, series, blogging and all things that can be done at home. I'm a home buddy if you don't know by the way. But if you invite me for some outdoor chats, stroll or just hanging out, why not? You,what do you usually do during a day off from work?

Here are some things you can do to even brighten your most awaited day of the 

Go on a date with friends or family .Dress up and get that girly dress you've been hiding in your closet. Flaunt your favorite pair of shoes and dazzling clutch to spice up the look :)
1. Color Contrast Lapel Green Cute Dress
2. Pure Color Round High-heeled Shoes
3.Black-white Geometrical Pattern Clutch
4.Contrasting Diamante Drop Earrings
5.Always Diamante Ring

Spend your day off hanging out with your friends. Go mall strolling or restaurant hopping with your favorite denim top, cool boots, cute bag and classy shorts!
1.Backless Frazzled Lace Vest
2.Retro Embroidery Casual Shorts
3.Lace Belt Wedge-heeled Black Shoes
4.Cartoon Dog Head-shaped Shoulder & Crossbody Bag
5. Chic Tassel Bodkin Pendant Necklace

Go and wander around the music scene with your favorite sneaker wedges, comfy vest and skinny jeans!
1. Dog Head Pattern Print Black Vest
2.Easy Matching Bleached Pencil Jeans
3.Chunky Curb Chain Pendant Necklace
4.Cartoon Cat Face Pattern Fashion Hat
5.Banquet Chain Clutch
6.Black Round Platform Shoes
7.Buttoned Riveted & Metal Plate Bracelet
Black-golden Stereo Spike Bracelet
Cross Shaped Diamante Bracelet

Chill, relax and get yourself a break from work. Dress comfy the way you want to and just wander off :)
1. Campus Style Batwing Orange Stripe T-shirt
2. Cut Out Bleached Simple Jeans
3. Chic Candy Color Rivet Double-layer Shoulder&crossbody Bag
4. Retro Pointed Floral Flat Shoes
5. Contrasting Hollow-out Geometric Necklace
Multi Layered Riveted Bracelet
Multi-layered Bracelet


Lovely pieces right? What's a stroll, a date or an event without a cute and fashionable dress up? take all your inner fashion style and get that look you've always want! Try investing online for fashionable items. Try ROMWOMEN.

offers free shipping worldwide and they sell a wide variety of affordable and trendy fashionable clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry. They update weekly and they offer sale every now and then (what do you do when you hear the word SALE? *wink). What more can you say? :)

Sets done via Polyvore :) Follow me, I follow back.


  1. great :) love jeans :)
    have a nice day :)

  2. great combinations and collages ;) like them ;)

  3. I agree, lucky I am that Im on weekend off. :)
    Great inspiration. :)
    I'd love to stay connected. Following you now, follow back? :)

    Kisses ♥


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